I believe that this proposed bylaw change is a knee-jerk reaction to a much larger housing issue facing Saanich and may very well cause more harm than good. 

I also believe that everyone should review the issue and make there own choice. The following list is a collection of stories and/or articles I have come across while researching this issue. This list will be updated as I continue to find more, if anyone has links to other articles on this topic please forward to me and I will add to our list here.

A link to an online petition I have started to present to council at the public hearing:  Leave @ 4


CTV 29-1-19 Obscure Saanich bylaw that got students evicted up for review

TC 4-2-19 Saanich council supports looking at options to amend rental-restriction bylaw

CBC 5-2-19 A house divided- Saanich homeowners renters split over relaxing rental rules

TC 5-2-19 Saanich council considers bylaw change to allow more unrelated people in a dwelling

Gordon Head Newsletter June 2019

TC 17-11-19 Saanich limit on roommates in homes unfair students

VN 22-1-20 Restrictions on unrelated occupants dominates Saanich council meeting

UVic 3-2-20 Saanich Council to bring controversial housing bylaw to public forum

SN 21-2-20 Unrelated occupancy limits creating divisions in Saanich

LTE TC 8-2-19 Rental plan causes insurance problem

LTE SN 7-2-20 There must be some restrictions on community growth

VN 27-2-20 PH on unrelated occupancy limits to take place at Saanich Hall on a Saturday

Report 20-1-20 Amend Zoning Bylaw 2003 to increase # of unrelated persons to 6

Report 12-2-20 PH to be held at Saanich Hall

Bylaw Enforcement Policy

Notice of Public Hearing Zoning Bylaw 2003

Letter to SC for PH Bylaw 2003