Is council dodging checks?

With my door knocking concerning the unrelated issue here in Saanich I am taken back by the number of residents who are unaware of this taking place. And at the same time I am not. When we vote for council in local elections we do so with the belief that council will work with the best intentions of Saanich in mind. While we may not always agree with some of the decisions, we have comfort knowing the direction for Saanich will be mostly as laid out in our various plans; Climate Action Plan, Official Community Plan, Shelbourne Valley Action Plan and others. That comfort allows people to leave Saanich politics to the councilors and get on with raising your family and enjoying life. My level of comfort in that belief is falling.

Council is moving forward (fast) with changes aimed at reducing regulatory hurtles sited as bothersome by local contractors with the belief this will lower the cost of housing. These changes, current and planned, place too much power in the hands of council and developers at the expense of community input.



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