Dear Saanich

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and takingĀ  a minute or two to review my platform.

As a new resident of Saanich I am not fully understanding of all the issues facing us, I apologize for that. I can tell you that should I be fortunate enough to win your confidence and a seat at council, rest assured that will not be the case moving forward.


I have entered this race with one clear objective:

To provide one voice at council who speaks for the rights and concerns of Saanich residents during these current and future deliberations on the Homelessness issue.

I believe that Homelessness is the single most important issue facing Saanich. While the reasons for homelessness are many, the end result is tragic. That is not open for debate. A solution needs to be found that will address both the short term and more importantly; a long term compassionate, sustainable model.